Toparlaniyoruz – More Importantly, Who Will NOT Sign the Contract?

Toparlaniyoruz apparently means ‘We’re Getting it Together.’ In my version of the translation, I take it to also mean that unless we pull together then we’ll all get conned together; expats, and TRNC Citizens. My initial negativity at the idea that a social contract has any power has started to wane. I still believe that on its own signing a piece of paper has no power but, like the 10 Commandments, people can be divided into those who visibly try to follow them and those who won’t. They may not be the most complete set of rules, e.g. why no ‘thou shalt not rape’, but I personally would be wary of supporting someone who refused to follow them and that’s the point.

The first focus of Toparlaniyoruz should be the 50 TRNC Deputies (MPs). Will they sign? If they don’t then this should be made public so that the people they represent can personally ask them why they disagree with what is in fact basic morality. The only problem is that the Toparlaniyoruz contract has too many sections in order for most people and sign to say that they agree with all it says. A simplified version is needed which would be difficult to refuse to agree to.

Another puzzle which may be dealt with at the Pia Bella, in Kyrenia at 3pm on Wednesday 5th September is why Dr. Kudret Özersay does not NOW expose the corruption he must have seen whilst he was chief adviser to TRNC President Dervis Eroglu? If he hasn’t seen any corruption then why believe it goes on? If he has, then why is he allowing it to continue. A leader is someone who people follow, if not reporting corruption, apart from Ersin Tatar’s car, is how he acts then surely his followers will do the same?

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