Today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper

As you all well know I really am one for hiding my light under a bushel so when I found myself in front of a TV camera yesterday. I really did not know what to say. Alright, so I tell little porkies. I was so incensed when the owners told me that the builders daughter was campaigning for public office whilst having an interest in the building company that had caused all their troubles.

It went out on the lunchtime news.

Now really, I did not know about the picture accompanying this until I went in to Cod Baba. My lovely Fatos couldn’t wait to show me the front page of Yeniduzen. I asked if I could have the paper but she said no, she needed it to wrap the fish and chips in. I know I eat too many chips but remember, I am in training to be the fat lady, my singing lessons are going well too.

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