The Cyprus Source of Legal Information

The Cyprus Source of Legal InformationThere is now a searchable database of Cyprus legal information, freely available online. This information has been provided by the Bar Association because the government has been unable or unwilling to provide this service for free. The database contains a complete inventory of Cyprus’ legislation and legal documents, all Supreme Court decisions and a number of decisions from executive bodies.

I tried it out by searching for “Turkish Cypriot” and the first result of my search was a document detailing the case of Mustafa Ibrahim and others -v- The Attorney General of the Republic (1964). The gist of the case was that four Turkish Cypriots were arrested in the mountains “carrying rifles loaded with .303 bullets, and their ammunition belts well supplied,” but an appeal was being launched on the basis that the make-up of the court was unconstitutional.

This is a fascinating historical database and can be found at

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