South Cyprus judge issues suspended sentences to developers who put Conor O’Dwyer in hospital

Christoforos Karayiannas and his son Marios Karayiannas were found guilty of actual bodily harm (ABH) rather than grevious bodily harm (GBH) which carries a custodial sentence. Conor said “I am absolutely shocked and disgusted. This trial was 100 per cent worse than the assault. It seems that in two years of hearings the judge has lost sight of who the victim was.”

Conor’s lawyer said “I’m quite shocked. In other cases… where three men have assaulted one vulnerable man… the assaulter has ended up in prison. So far all I have gained is two points on (Karayiannas’) licence and a suspended sentence.”

The sentences follow an equally lenient sentence handed down to Christoforos Karayiannas for crashing into O’Dwyer’s car during the incident in 2007. He received a mere two penalty points on his driving licence. Had he been given three he would have lost his licence.

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