So what doesn’t get the government to change their mind about the property victims?

Currently it’s Kulaksiz 5 who are receiving the bad news about losing the property they paid for but years ago it was the Aga Buyers. Perhaps these relatively new victims could learn a lesson from past attempts as to what doesn’t persuade the government to do anything. My incomplete list of what doesn’t work includes:

1. Write a letter to someone

2. Give people posters to put up somewhere

3. Start a website or Forum

4. Start a petition

5. Have an article published in a newspaper or a documentary on TV

6. Go to an EU body

7. Protest on the other side of a place where a couple of TCs are protesting

8. Pay a lawyer to do something

9. Wait patiently while yet another new initiative is given time to work

10. Get depressed or angry but do nothing

11. Do nothing

12. Start a new NGO

13. Be polite to someone who has defrauded you or who supports them

14. Go to the Bar Council

On the contrary, I know of one person who has got their money back and perhaps she could teach us a thing or two on what to do – Julie where are you, tell them what you did?


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