Polly Marples interviews Pauline Read – Part 8

Polly Marples: Firstly I think I must apologise for the delay in continuing with these interviews. So Pauline, you almost got yourself thrown out of court during the hearing, did you apologise and was another date set for the next hearing?

Pauline: Yes I did apologise and yet another dated was set.

Polly Marples: So when was the next date?

Pauline: This is where I let the stress really get to me, I was quite convinced it was for the 9th November, so you can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from my Advocate on Friday the 6th November at about 9.30 a.m. asking me where I was and why wasn’t I at the court. In fact I was in bed with a heavy cold, I said no the hearing wasn’t until the 9th, she said no, the hearing is now today. I rushed out of bed, alerted Agile, washed and changed and we managed get to the court before our case started.


Polly Marples: So you were cutting it a bit fine then, what did you find when you got there?


Pauline: Well outside the courtroom were my Advocate, Abdurrahman Guney and the old plumber but now new Director of Kulaksiz, Latif Dansik, but no Advocate for them.

Polly Marples: You must have been surprised they still had no Advocate?

Pauline: Indeed, I was even more surprised when Abdurrahman Guney, through my Advocate, offered me a property in Tatlisu. I did ask how much it was worth and was told £84,000. I said it was not enough and in any event, having seen the quality of their building, I really did not want another Kulaksiz built property.

Polly Marples: You must have been a bit nervous about going into court this time having been almost thrown out of the previous hearing?


Pauline: Yes I was and also because I was coughing a lot and feeling unwell I told my Advocate I would wait outside in the corridor and that if the Judge required me the shouter could call for me, and this is what I did.


Polly Marples: Did everyone else go into the courtroom?

Pauline: Yes and it was quite strange sitting outside, the door was open and I could see and hear what was going on. The Judge sounded angry with Guney and Latif and then I noticed the Advocates sitting inside, waiting for their case to be heard, started to stand up one by one and then sit down one by one. I can only assume the Judge did a straw poll to see if any of them would take on the Kulaksiz case and there appeared to be no takers.

Polly Marples: How strange, then what happened?

Pauline: Well after about twenty minutes my Advocate and the old and new Directors of Kulaksiz Construction came out. I rushed up to my Advocate who said ‘It is finished’, so I said, ‘when is the next hearing’ to which she replied ‘no, it is finished, you have won’.

Polly Marples: How strange, I thought you would need to prove your case?

Pauline: So did I, but apparently Guney made the same offer of another property in court, my Advocate rejected it for the reasons I gave, the Judge found in my favour and awarded me £120,000 with £2,000 costs to my Advocate.

Polly Marples: So how did you feel?

Pauline: Relieved but I still had the Appeal against the Repossession Order case to be heard at the High Court, so I knew things were far from over.

Polly Marples: Surely you were pleased to win such an award?

Pauline: I would have been if I did not know that winning an award and receiving the money in the TRNC are two very different things. They have a very poor record for awards actually ever being paid.

Polly Marples: So what happened then?

Pauline: The Injunctions on 3 villas a plot of land were made into Court Memorandums. The defendants were given six months to appeal the court decision, which means either another hearing for the appeal or if there is no appeal, a six months wait before we could start the legal action to sell the items covered by the memorandums

Polly Marples: So in six months from the end of the case you could have been looking at recovering your money.

Pauline: Don’t be silly Polly, when has anything in the TRNC ever been that straight forward

Part 9 follows…

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