Pauline Read’s Bank Petition Provokes Anger – 2009 Revisited

I think Pauline Read could be forgiven for thinking she has been campaigning forever. Certainly along the way she has experienced some odd reactions to her efforts, this NCFP blast from the past records when she had liver spat into her face and decided she would be investing in a hard hat and a face mask before collecting any more signatures. She also penned a news variation on an old adage, ‘the pen is mightier than the liver.’ This was her first petition, another one she did has just been resurrected and appears on the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook page, the other STBINC are also carrying this petition which can be found at

Undaunted she has carried on regardless. Who can forget her bionic woman dash across the car park to push aside four police officers when they were escorting a would be bidder from the Kulaksiz 5 auction.

Her first attempt at the Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil, which was thwarted by the powers that be only for Pauline to find another way to do it using a Turkish Cypriot friend.

She was there flanked either side by secret service policemen, but SHE was there. More than one way to skin a rabbit then Pauline, even in north Cyprus where they have been hunted almost to extinction.

Every court case for the Kulaksiz 5 she has reported on and through NCFP has achieved a network of supporters for the Kulaksiz 5, some of whom still attend the hearings.

Who can forget the mythical Corchidactus, when she put out a call for all botanists to attend its blooming which would have miraculously coincided with any attempt by **DELETED** Bank to illegally evict the remaining residents of Kulaksiz 5. She had a list of supporters ready to rush to this event. The event even caught the imagination of the late Mr Denktas who asked to be advised if and when this happened. It did not happen and we all hope it never will.

Her writing has gotten her into hot water on more than one occasion. Perhaps the best known being her reporting on the Geoff Day case, when she had four police officers descend on her home and take away the famous Laura the Laptop. Laura has been in custody now for one year and 10 months. Of course she is now in receipt of two Libel Writs from **DELETED** Bank with more promised but strenuously denies the allegation made in these Writs.

She marched in the May Day march this year carrying a banner.

She is a lady who went unnoticed in her own country but who seems to have somehow come onto the radar of the powers that be in north Cyprus. She is said to be a Greek Cypriot Propagandist, an MI6 operative, she has been told she is top of the list with the political police, as she said, if you are on a list, it’s nice to be at the top. She recently has had cause to believe her mobile and that of her partner are bugged.

Now for what you might not know about Pauline Read. She is 67 years old, too old to be anyone’s mistress as alleged in Halkin Sesi and Yeniduzen. She considers she has done nothing to deserve being deported for, an action also suggested in the same newpapers. She wishes she were even half as interesting as the state seems to think she is.

All she personally wants is her money back for her K5 villa and JUSTICE for all property victims. It does not sound impossible so why are the powers that be making it seem so?

O B Joyful

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