Pauline Read meets Dr. Mehmet Çakıcı, President of the TDP

President of the TDP (Social Democracy Party), Dr. Mehmet ÇakıcıAfter the excitement of yesterday and the meeting with the President of the TDP (Social Democracy Party), Dr. Mehmet Çakıcı, today will be something of an anti climax. There is something planned for today but as usual we will take the precaution of sharing that with you AFTER the event.

Many of you will not realise that Dr. Çakıcı is the politician who outed the Finance Minister by revealing he had been a Director of ***DELETED*** Bank in 2009. This in itself not unusual but since the K5 had turned to the Finance Minister for help, did he not have a moral duty to make them aware of this past/present relationship with the bank and let them decide if he was the right person to confide their plans and future actions with? The same Minister enjoyed some exposure in the Daily Mail in their reporting on the Asil Nadir case. Something along the lines of ‘cash being stuffed into envelopes’ to be taken to offshore accounts. Of course this was as printed in this National Daily Newspaper and I could not possibly comment on it nor would I comment on the validity of the content of a National Daily Newspaper.

Dr Çakıcı told us of a 13 hour speech he made in parliament and that 2 hours of that speech was about the Kulaksiz 5 case. He is very clearly a supporter of all property victims. Dr Çakıcı was also involved in the ‘ruck’ that took place in parliament, being in the centre of it and possibly the victim? We know all about being victims Dr Çakıcı. Pauline Read is the victim of a current smear campaign that calls for her deportation. Clearly Dr Çakıcı is a man of action in every sense of the word.

As you all know, getting translations from Turkish to English is very expensive and our funds are diminished. We seem to be spending a lot of money at present on defending bogus charges. The documents Dr. Çakıcı kindly gave to us and then emailed to us as well can be read by our Turkish speaking readers and the Turkish reading members of Stop Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group. For the rest of us, here is a summary of their content:

The TDP are suggesting a change in the law so that banks have to pay 65% of the value of a bouncing cheque, under current law the amount is limited to 250 TL.

The TDP are suggesting that no one is imprisoned for non payment of debt. That a payment plan to repay the debt has to be arranged according to the debtors means.

The TDP are suggesting a change in the Specific Performance Law with a 3 year limit on taking court action – not sure about that one, why a time limit? Some might think that this law would be better repealed. These are my thoughts only.

You read yesterday of the TDP’s feelings on who should be responsible for being defrauded, certainly not the purchasers.

Dr Çakıcı confirmed what we already know. North Cyprus Free Press is being read by the politicians here in the TRNC. Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group is being monitored by the politicians in the TRNC. We have no problem with that. As Pauline Read said on the TV during the Press Conference yesterday :

“If telling the truth is a crime, I plead GUILTY”

There is really nothing to be added to that statement.


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