Opinion | Akfinan Bank are Right to Seek Compensation for Pauline’s Opinion

I’m sure this is not going to be popular on here but NCFP has the word “Free” in the title and so I believe they should publish this. Put simply, in my opinion, Akfinan Bank are right to seek compensation for the damages caused by Pauline Read’s opinions expressed here. I’ll make this simple and try to show why, so as to give the liberals on here something to not just whinge about.

People like Miltiades make me sick but so do people who rush to support liberal causes just because they can’t accept the hard facts of life. It is facts we should be discussing, not airy fairy theories. I believe it was back in May 2010 that Pauline caused all the problems by bringing in references to Hitler and accusing Akfinan Bank of immoral and unethical behaviour. For example, in the title of the article “Will Akfinan’s immoral North Cyprus property auction go ahead?” (17th May 2012). Admittedly nothing was said in the article about Akfinan Bank being immoral but she did accuse the property auction of being immoral. I know that some people would try to hide behind the fact that accusing something of being immoral is not accusing it of being illegal but it does mean that Pauline believes there is something immoral about selling these buyers’ homes after they have fully paid for them, as she keeps saying. It may be immoral in the opinion of a lot of people in EU countries but here is North Cyprus she will find that people see such acts differently, common place and quite legal. This is North Cyprus and here you’ll find it is not her opinion that counts.

I won’t waste my energy going through the other articles I think are damaging, even if they are truthful the opinions expressed are certainly unacceptable to local business people who have a duty to make as much money as they can within the law here regardless of whether immigrants think they should be the same as in the EU.

Wayne Kerr

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