North Cyprus Property Victims | Winning the court case lost me everything!

North Cyprus Property Victims | It is now two years, one month and 3 days since I won my Breach of Contract case against Kulaksiz Construction, Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz. So what has changed since that date? A geat deal. I have joined the rest of the Kulaksiz 5 in their legal fight and am now part of all their ongoing cases and in particular the ECHR case which is already lodged with the court in Strasbourg and we do have a case number.

It is my understanding that we will still have to exhaust all domestic cases here in the TRNC before the case will start in earnest. My biggest regret where this case is concerned is that we are having to sue Turkey as the TRNC are not recognised. I regret that because clearly the TRNC are responsible for our situation but Turkey has to answer for it.

In normal circumstances possession of my villa in Karsiyaka would have stayed with me until I either received my award or the court issued an Eviction notice for me to hand over possession to Akfinans Bank Limited after lengthy court hearings. As history shows, Akfinans Bank were not prepared to wait and took criminal possession of my villa by force on Friday 30th July 2010, an act that did them no credit and certainly discredited the legal system, the police and the Government, who sat back an allowed it to happen and go unchallenged.

Akfinans through their Advocate Akan Kursat have gone to a lot of trouble to have me removed from the Kulaksiz case and one has to wonder if my presence makes them feel vulnerable. Certainly, having an Advocate who allegedly has a European Arrest warrant out on him is somewhat unusual but I think there is another reason. I have sent pollymarples out snooping but so far she has come up empty. Perhaps Sherlock Holmes would be more successful, after all he solved many cases despite his nemesis Moriarty. Close, am I? Perhaps I should widen my search for the answer.

I would have thought the obvious way to have me removed from the Kulaksiz 5 case would be to ensure my award is paid. After all Akan Kursat managed to persuade a High Court Judge that I did not need two remedies for the same problem back in January of 2010. Or did he, I have always been suspicious of the circumstances surrounding that event, first I was told the Appeal case had been thrown out, then when I questioned the ‘so called’ award of costs against me and asked for evidence, I was told that my Advocate had spoken with the High Court and if I withdrew the case I would not have to pay the costs. It doesn’t sound very much like the case had been thrown out to me. I did withdraw the case but sent my Advocate an email, saying I did so under DURESS.

After many requests by me to my Advocate to chase the Land Registry (Tapu) and my then Advocate telling me it was not allowed, in desperation I asked a ‘friend ‘ to have a word with her. This resulted in my former Advocate telling me she could no longer act for me because ‘trust between us had broken down’. That has to be the funniest statement I have ever heard.

So here I am, no nearer to achieving the Award, without the villa and in exactly the same position as Eva McCluskey of K5. No villa, no money. My fellow K5 victims are hanging on to their villas by the skin on their teeth, attending eviction hearings on a regular basis. Still living on a site that looks like a war zone, monthly threats of the electricity being cut off and in a state of seige.

What is the Government doing?

Never give in, never give up.

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