North Cyprus Property Victims | ‘the Government should be held accountable’

North Cyprus Property | TRNC Government held accountableTruth, hard to find, hard to tell and sometimes very hard to justify.

The truth in the case of every person in North Cyprus who bought a property in the TRNC, followed the legal route to the letter and still found themselves the victims of mortgage fraud, is simple, they are in the right, the defrauders are in the wrong.  Here is where the truth becomes hazy.  The law in the TRNC allows the person named on the deeds at the Tapu to use as security the property which is already sold to the new owner. Often even when the new owner has paid stamp duty on the Contract, though they were told that the paying and receiving of Stamp Duty by the revenue (a Government Department) makes the Contract legally binding.   Legally binding on  who?  Now we know it is not the Vendor because the ‘law’ allows him to borrow against the property even though s/he has already sold it.  Legally binding on the purchaser, oh yes, you fall foul of the one obligation you have on the Contract, to pay, and the law will be down on you like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Such are the double standards that apparently abound in due process in the TRNC.  Where does the fault lie in leaving these unfortunate people so vulnerable to such ‘loopholes’ in the law? Clearly, in the Permission to Purchase process. If it were granted immediately, the parting of money and the transferring of ownership via the Kocan would also be immediate and simultaneous.  The time which these rogues have been using to take out mortgages on property already sold would no longer be available to them.  The department tasked with processing the PTPs, within the Ministry of the Interior, is a Government Department, so here again the Government should be held accountable.

When is the Government going to stand up and say ‘yes, we must take responsibility for letting down so many people, and here is what we intend to do to put it right’? Does it matter under whose administration the majority of the injustice took place? Does it matter which party puts it right?  No of course not. People are suffering and they look to the current administration for help.   The victims are Turkish Cypriots, both endemic and those living abroad, and foreign guests in the TRNC.

The buck stops here, here being the desk of the President of the TRNC.

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