North Cyprus Property Victims | The Asil Nadir Case Continues

So the trial of Mr Asil Nadir is said to be at the half way stage and Mr Nadir does not have ignomy sitting in the dock, rather in the well of the court. I am sure we are all relieved to hear that. None more than the Kulaksiz 5 who are now well into 4th year of their ordeal and are living in fear in their homes in North Cyprus. Nice to know their mother country knows how to treat its guests, this particular guest is living in luxury in Belgravia whilst being tried for a very serious crime. It is good that the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is still adhered to in Britain. It is a pity that Akfinans Bank cannot take a leaf out of British justice’s book and leave the poor victims of fraud alone until the end of the case in North Cyprus is reached.

Good news from another case in the UK. Gary Robb of Aga Development Limited and Amaranta Valley fame will not be a happy chappy, the case mounted against him by the SOCA has been won by the good guys. So the score in the match is SOCA 1 – Robb 0 (or if you prefer – didn’t)

Will this win by SOCA benefit the hundreds of AGA victims? I do not know at the moment. I am sure Mr Akan Kursat who in 2009 was a co-shareholder with Gary Robb in the AGA will be sending his congratulations to SOCA…

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