North Cyprus Property Victims | Kulaksiz 5 Update – my address was wrong (isn’t everyone’s?)

I had been given the impression that today’s hearing would be pretty straight forward and that my presence would be totally unnecessary.  Well you all know me, anything to do with my Kulaksiz 5 case and I want to be there.
Imagine my surprise then when on my way to the court I receive a phone call from our Advocate asking me to text my address to him. I said I would, but then my texting skills are as great as my computer skills and I decided to phone back and ask why?  It seems that Mr Kursat has discovered the address on the legal documents is incorrect and for that reason he wants me excluded (yet again).  By this time I was about two minutes away from the court and told our Advocate to hang on, I could give him the address in person.
Yes I know, it did have my old address, and yes I know, Mr. Kursat was aware of that when he last tried to exclude me from the case, and yes I know, the Kaders have been weekending in my villa at K5 for months, so how on earth could I have been living there?  Does the word ‘desperation’ spring to mind.
Well I duly arrived and gave our Advocate my address. He assured me that all would be well. On this occasion three other members of K5 attended. The Advocate told one couple they would not be needed, that the only one needed to go into court would be me. The third member of K5 stayed but waited outside. He did however tell me that the Kulaksiz 5 site now has tarmac roads and the footpaths have been replaced.  He said his fear was that Akfinans Bank would now be demanding money from the residents for their share of the costs of the infrastructure.
I went into court with the Advocate and then we were joined by Kerem the Chief Reporter from Cyprus Today. Kerem had been alerted to the fact that Akfinans were again trying to get me excluded from the case. As it happens, the Judge Talat Usar was very accommodating. I had to make myself known and he accepted that the address on the court documents could be changed.  In other words, I am still in the case.
Sitting in the court, I’d had time to think. When I went outside, the fellow member waiting there had the benefit of my thoughts. I put it to him that if Akfinans were to ask for money towards the infrastructure, wouldn’t they be acknowledging that the residents owned the properties and in doing so, weaken their claim? He agreed.
I do feel somewhat vulnerable knowing that Akfinans knows where I live.  I do feel that Akan Kursat should have noticed the address issue a long, long time ago. It does seem extraordinary to me that they are going to such lengths to exclude me, but then isn’t everything about this case extraordinary?
The obvious way for Akfinans and Kursat to rid themselves of me is to make sure I receive the £120,000 plus 4% interest I was awarded on the 6th November 2009.  Well there is another way, but I don’t want to think about that.
The next hearing will be on 16th January 2012.   You can be sure I will be there.
Never give in, never give up.
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