North Cyprus Property Victims | Daily Telegraph HSBC Article

North Cyprus Property Victims will probably be  pleased that UK’s leading newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has featured an article about HSBC Bank’s role in their being scammed when buying property. We’ve known about the Tsimpedes Law Firm case for a long time but with HSBC’s drug money laundering problems this case suddenly becomes newsworthy.

It won’t be long before the lack of legal protection for property buyers in North Cyprus becomes equally newsworthy and along with that several other cases which show that holidaymakers cannot expect protection when things go wrong. The recent case of the poisoned holidaymaker comes to mind, with a relative saying that they don’t expect to obtain justice in North Cyprus. Hopefully the present government, or the next, will value the construction and tourist industries and do something about these injustices. Oink, oink, what’s that up there?



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