North Cyprus Property Victims | British Justice v TRNC Justice

This article goes back almost 20 years to 1993 when Mr Nadir was not wearing a tag around his ankle and facing his accusers of criminal fraud he had fled from. I am sure Mr Nadir had his reasons for returning to clear his name although I do not know if I would have after so long. He talks here about liking to spend 8 months of the year abroad so maybe that is the reason, clear his name and have the freedom to do so again.

I am sure the property victims here in this country of his birth have much smaller dreams, just to be able to live in the country they chose to invest in, to live in the houses they have paid for and be worry and stress free. Such small dreams for innocent people whose only mistake was to buy in North Cyprus.

So whilst Mr Nadir dreams his dream of proving his innocence, his dream being paid for in large part by the British tax payer; the ex pats and Turkish Cypriot property victims have to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets to try to obtain justice and be allowed to keep their homes they have paid for from the savings they accrued from a life time of hard work.

When I was young and complained “it’s not fair”, my Grandmother used to say, “fair, fair my girl, whoever told you life was fair”. Our Grandmothers’ had also learned the hard way.

Do I have to ask the obvious question?

O. B. Joyful

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