North Cyprus Property Victims | Bariş Apartments Court Verdict Due Today

There are now only 11 days to go before the North Cyprus Property Auction scheduled to take place on the 27th November 2011 at the Coffee Shop opposite the Girne District Court at 10.00 a.m.

For those who have not been following this debacle, the auction is the result of protracted legal action by the landowner, who in common with many others, ‘got into bed’ with that well known felon Mr Gary Robb. The same Mr Robb who used North Cyprus as a refuge whilst on the run from the British Police. The same Mr Robb who allegedly convinced the then Government he was fit to hold citizenship in the TRNC and to form a building company. A lot of very relevant questions have already asked as to how he achieved that feat when you or I, whose greatest crime might have been a parking ticket, would not be allowed citizenship, perhaps we did not have enough money that needed washing; of course I am making no allegations.

However he managed to achieve citizenship and form a company, he did. The results stand in Amaranta Valley for all to see. Further results will be the subject of the auction on the 27th November. Mr Robb has been enjoying free board and lodgings for some time now, formerly at her Majesty’s expense and now at the expense of the RoC tax payers. Maybe I have been reading too many trashy novels, or watching too many crime based TV programmes, but some part of me wonders has Gary ‘Horner ‘ somehow managed to get his thumb into this Auction on Sunday week, and will his money determine the outcome?

I urge you all to be there on Sunday to show solidarity and support for the victims. As foreigners we can only observe as peaceful fellow human beings. However, our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters are not fettered in this way. I ask all Turkish Cypriots who are ashamed of the way your ‘guests’ are being treated to make your feelings known.

Today I shall be going to court with my fellow committee member Pembe and her mum Muazzez to hear what may be the final verdict. Tutuska is the villain of this property scam. Tutuska who borrowed and borrowed, who has memorandum after memorandum against him and all secured against property he no longer owned. This property, known as Bariş Apartments, has already been the subject of an Auction on 13th June 2010 when no bids were received.

This property houses the apartments that are the homes of young families and older people who bought their homes in ‘good faith’ and now will certainly lose them to satisfy the creditors of this, in my opinion, EVIL man. Nurettin Tutuska is in prison as I write this, for not honouring yet another debt he incurred. Honour and Nurettin Tutuska are strangers.

It is anticipated that today Muazzez will be awarded a court memorandum, the Advocate acting for Tutuska has already told the court that the owners of Bariş apartments are not at fault but that there is no solution, the apartments will have to be sold. The problem with awarding Muazzez such a memorandum is that she will be so far down the list of creditors, she will get NOTHING and she will lose the home.

It is a familiar story, people who worked all their lives, scrimped and saved to put a little aside year after year to achieve that dream, a home in the sun, a home to end their days in. They did not realise that when buying in North Cyprus, there is no protection for the old, the infirm and the honest. These animals will prey on you and have the protection of law too. If Muazzez has no protection in law, and she is Turkish Cypriot, what chance have the foreigners, who cannot even publicly protest their outrage.

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