North Cyprus Property Victims | Bariş Apartment Court Case results

Well what a morning I have had. Arrived in the court courtyard at 8.45 a.m. and bumped into a member of the Boysan Boyra legal team who was there to represent a couple of the Kulaksiz 5 owners who live in the U.K. at their eviction case hearing. He did make the comment that he had seen me there so often, ‘did I have a job there?’ I have to admit it feels that way to me too.

The real purpose of my being there was to support Pembe, fellow committee member of the Stop the Blackmail group, who was there on her mum Muazzez’s behalf. I noticed Pembe’s advocate and two of the other victims of Tutuska Baris Apartments sat at one of the tables. Pembe had to report into her office first and this delayed her joining them. Acting as Power of Attorney for her mum, holding down a full time job, mum and breadwinner and admin and committee member of Stop the Blackmail means that Pembe is kept fully occupied..

Nurettin Tutuska was there with his Advocate. We went briefly into the court where Muazzez’s case was being heard and at the request of her Advocate, there was a short adjournment to give her Advocate time to conduct a meeting with Pembe and the two other victims of Tutuska. I have to point out that these two other victims were in a different court and their Judge was Talat Usar.

When I pulled up my chair to join the meeting, the Advocate acting for Tutuska said his client was not happy at having me at the meeting. I was going to go away and sit alone but Pembe insisted I stay. She pointed out that since I didn’t speak Turkish, I wouldn’t understand (true ) so as a compromise I put my notebook and pencil away. I can be reasonable, especially as Pembe added, she would tell me everything they discuss later anyway. Who says I cannot be reasonable? I could tell by the raised voices and the demeanour of Tutuska that the discussions were not going well.

It seems that Nurettin Tutuska actually said he wanted justice, he had received £45,000 from the purchasers, therefore he would only agree to a Memorandum in that amount. This man allegedly wants justice, but seems to believe that double selling, borrowing money and not repaying it, thus causing the Baris Apartment owners to find his creditors putting Memorandums on their homes, causing them to need the very costly services of Advocates, causing them to live through one auction and face the possibility of another, to screw up their lives so that every day is a stress filled nightmare, is just and fair. Well Mr Tutuska, I am sure every victim of property scams would love justice and it is people like you who are causing them the need for such justice. He also allegedly said that he does have £100,000 now and could settle a couple these cases but was not going to.

Does this sound like the type of character who will do the right thing, or does he sound more like the bogey man you meet in horror films? This seems more like the type of man who intrepets the word ‘negotiate’ into ‘what’s in it for me?’ Even Pembe’s advocate allegedly told him not to exaggerate and that he had ‘no good intentions.’

We went into Talat Usar’s court to listen to the two other Baris apartment victims’ cases. I will not give chapter and verse on this, just to relate that eventually the two victims accepted Memorandums in the sum of £53,000 and some costs for their Advocate. This means they were awarded an additional £8,000 for the money they spent to finish the apartments, all their legal costs for the purchase and the subsequent action and the stress and trauma this whole ghastly situation has wreaked on them. Justice, not in my opinion. Of course, the likelihood of them losing their homes is still very high and the likelihood of ever receiving a brass farthing, very low. As I have stated before, the victims who stand to lose their homes, through no fault of theirs, are a long way down the queue of Tutuska creditors.

Eventually Pembe, her advocate, and the advocate acting for Tutuska went into the second Judge’s chambers. After some time Tutuska was invited to join them. When they all came out, Pembe informed me that the second Judge had been made aware of the Memorandum given by Judge Talat Usar and awarded Muazzez, her mum exactly the same. You Couldn’t Make It Up.

There is just one more case to be heard for a Bariş Apartment victim and that is scheduled for the 19th December, coincidentally the same date as the next K5 hearing, how fortunate for me.

Let us not loose sight of the fact that these Memorandums are just pieces of paper that could eventually prove to be of no value at all but will have cost the victims of Baris Apartment a lot of additional money to acquire. Sadly there are many hundreds of victims in exactly the same situation here in the TRNC. All these vctims really want is to be able to live in Baris Apartments they bought in good faith and paid good money for. There is Muazzez, Pembe’s mum 67 years old Turkish Cypriot, the former Military Officer in his mid to late 60’s, a Turkish citizen who so loved his time in the TRNC he chose to retire here, there are young Turkish familes, hoping to raise their children in a safe enviroment. These are real people whose lives will be changed badly and forever by the greed of Nurettin Tutuska

When will the Government wake up to these tragedies unfolding before their eyes?

With my American Indian background, I do sometimes see and feel some very odd things. I look at Mr Tutuska and I see a very black aura around him. This does not surprise me. I have often said, I will be judged by God and I truly believe this. I pray Mr Tutuska repents and changes his ways.

I do not want any fellow human being to be judged and found wanting.

Never give in, never give up

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