North Cyprus Property: Update of 2011 Events – Where Do We Stand Now?

Following on from the story of the case against the Ministry of the Interior in Famagusta District Court, there has been much interest in the Advocate who acted for the litigants. I am not, as yet, well enough to visit this brave Norwegian lady and her partner, however since the matter is in the public domain, I see no harm in telling you that the Advocate allegedly acting for this lady is Mentes Aziz. Mr. Aziz is allegedly no stranger to publicity as the two links to this article will atest. One thing I do have to tell you all is that this gentleman’s services allegedly do not come cheaply, as indeed you would expect.

Let us take this year end as an opportunity to review just what is happening in the property market at this time.

We have seen Auctions being stopped: this I am led to believe now applies to all Auctions. For how long this measure will last, I have no idea, but certainly if all we are hearing about the alleged new Bill at present going through Parliament, turns out to be fact, then you can understand why the cessation of Auctions has happened, even if only temporarily. It would be foolish to allow an auction to recover a debt that may well end up being significantly reduced. We are reading that the Government has the backing of the oppostion party and other political parties for this Bill. The result of such a Bill, which is designed to ‘cap’ the interest a Bank can receive on a loan and to make it retrospective, will have far reaching and signifcant affects and is long overdue. My one real fear is the Banks and their reaction. I know from personal experience just how powerful the Banks are and how much power they appear to wield. The one thing I am consistently hearing is that this Bill is intended to address the problem of Kulaksiz 5, yet there are legal opinions that are saying ‘it is too late for them’. Lets us hope it is not. It does remain to see what will happen and how, if somehow K5 are within the scope of this proposed new law, they will deal with my and Eva McCluskey’s problem. You will all remember how the snivelling cowards took both my villa and the villa of Eva McCluskey. The car attack and the ‘bank bum’ going through the window must represent an all time ‘low’ for the image of that particular bank, in my humble opinion.

The Kulaksiz 5: still have ongoing cases before the domestic courts here in the TRNC and of course their main case which is lodged with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Some of the victims of Gary Robb (ABAG): have taken a different route and have their case being submitted into the US legal system using the Washington Court. I do know this, to them it was a port of last resort having tried everything within their power to ‘settle’ their problem with the domestic system in the TRNC and allegedly having made many approaches to the Government.

Gary Robb: this year we saw one of the authors of the problems of the Aga buyers, Gary Robb, face trial and imprisonment in the RoC, but most of us soon realised the RoC for all its rhetoric really didn’t have their heart in it.

Mortgages: purchasers who know of mortgages on their properties here in the TRNC must be living in constant fear of just when the ‘axe’ will fall.

Infrastructure: it is unbelievable that the Government have not already acted in the cases where infrastructure is concerned. It would be so easy for the Government to order Kib Tek to instal a supply of normal tariff electricity to all sites, to order the relevent beledeysi to ensure all sites have a supply of water from the mains and to complete all roads on to the sites. If these sites are lacking in the relevent permissions, then whose fault is it? Certainly not the purchasers. Could it be that the case at the beginning of this article holds the answer. All the departments responsible for issuing permissions are allegedly policed by Government departments, It is not rocket science to work out that if these departments are not performing their duties, where the blame lies and on whose desk the ‘buck’ eventually stops.

Never give in never give up



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