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North Cyprus Property Problems | Tsimpedes LawWhen we think of Amaranta Valley we immediately think of Gary Robb. A man whose presence in the TRNC caused havoc in the lives of his many innocent victims. A man on the run from the British legal system where he was charged with drugs related offences. A man who was made welcome in this country and was even allegedly given/bought Citizenship. A man, who in partnership with local ‘respectable’ business men formed a company called Aga Development Limited, the company allegedly named after Mr. Robb’s wife Aga who still enjoys life here with her children in her allegedly unencumbered luxury home.

The ‘Aga Saga’ is well known on this island, the primary character who after having wreaked havoc here was eventually extradited back to Britain, tried, found guilty sentenced and after serving that sentence extradited to the Republic of Cyprus to face a long list of charges, the primary one being that of building on Greek owned land. Because he was ‘helpful’ and ‘contrite’ he received a very short sentence in the RoC, less than a year and will soon be free. His wife has allegedly claimed that he too is a ‘victim’, but I think those of us touched by the many property ‘scams’ here in the TRNC see Mr Robb for what he a really is, a victim of his own greed. A Rob(b)in Hood in reverse, who stole from the poor to give to the rich.

Through his property company Mr Robb has systematically taken the life savings of so many hapless purchasers, who dreamed of a home/retirement home in the sun and believed their Advocates were acting in their best interest, protecting their interest and indeed even believed that it was safe and legal to purchase a home in the TRNC. He has asked for more money, and indeed has been given it by some. He allegedly even sent a letter whilst in the British prison outlining his plan to finish the homes of his victims, this of course entailed them parting with more money.

Mr Robb’s victims, who numbers several hundreds, have found no help in the TRNC. Some have taken legal action, some have petitioned the government, all to no avail.

Now having exhausted all the avenues in the TRNC a group of Aga purchasers are pursuing justice through the American Court system. However, this is not just open to Aga victims but to any victim of the property scams here in the TRNC. It is well known that Kulaksiz 5 have chosen to submit a case to the European Court of Human Rights but their case will not continue in earnest until all the domestic cases they have here have failed and, looking at the progress here this far, they seem doomed to have to look to the ECHR for justice. As most of you know, I personally won my Breach of Contract case against Kulaksiz but that was over two years ago and I still have no compensation and now, no villa. For this reason I was allowed to join the joint Kulaksiz 5 cases.

There is no reason why anyone in a similar position to me could not join the American case and whilst I am not giving an opinion, one way or the other, I have attached the link to the Retainer for this case for everyone’s information.

My understanding is that anyone can join in the case, a fee of $300 American dollars would be the only capital outlay. It is a No Win, No further fee situation, but in the event of winning, you will pay 25% of the compensation to the lawyer. Maths has never been my strong suit, but 75% of something sounds better than 100% of nothing to me. It would of course be a very personal choice.

Would I take that route? I really do not know.

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