North Cyprus Property Court Cases| Baris Apartment & Kulaksiz 5 Hearings in November 2011

You will have read of the Hearings for the last Tutuska North Cyprus Property case. The first aborted because of a mix up with the dates by the Court.  The second adjourned because the builder Nurettin Tutuska was in prison for a debt in an unrelated matter.
Muazzez has had to return to the UK,  her daughter Pembe will be in Court again on Monday the 28th November when it is believed the Judge will give them a Court Memorandum which allegedly will be so far down the line of creditors on Muazzez’s home at Baris apartments, she would have to shout to make hereself heard by the person at the front of the queue.
However the Advocate acting for Tutuska told them that there is a plan to ensure the victims will keep their homes and the spectre of Auction wll be a thing of the past. Let us  pray on this occasion the builder is telling the truth. We all remember the press release following the auction of the 13th June 2010, when Tutuska promised to pay the debt.
On Tuesday 29th November the Kulaksiz 5 case will be heard.  I have been given to understand that on this occasion, Akfinans Bank Limited will hand in their answer to the court, making this yet another very short hearing. At the opening of this case, the Advocate entered the K5’s evidence into the court.
It is a matter of concern to me personally that the same Judge will be hearing this present case, which I am told is a full hearing of the whole of the Kulaksiz 5 debacle.   My concern is that this is the Judge who denied us an Interim Injuction, denied us an Emergency Injunction and is also hearing one of the cases in the eviction hearing procedure. I realises there is an advantage that this Judge knows a lot about the Kulaksiz 5 situation, but also, as we have allegedly not persuaded this Judge of the rightness of our cause, thus far, how can representing this evidence bring about a change?  I did say this to one of our legal team, whose eyes went very large and he looked at me as if I did not know what I was talking about.   Perhaps I do not, perhaps I am totally wrong, I do hope so.
For those of you who are wondering, K5 are still awaiting the High Court Appeal date against the denial of the Interim Injunction.
If anyone wishes to attend to show support for either or both cases, you will be very welcome.  Please understand, we are law abiding and these will be very peaceful and supportive occasions.
Never give in, never give up.
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