North Cyprus Property Auctions | “We Have Created Somewhat of a Stir”

Following our Press Conference yesterday, thanks to the good offices of Sener Elcil and the KTOS, we have created somewhat of a stir. To my knowledge at least 6 Turkish language newspapers have carried some of the content although not all I gave the details of. One noticeable omission is the news of my formal complaint of Criminal Fraud against Akfinans Bank Limited, Yuksel Yilmaz landowner and Abdurrahman Guney of Kulaksiz Construction Limited which was handed to the Attorney General on the 6th April 2012. There are a few inaccuracies in the Afrika newspaper but the important thing is that they have made everyone aware of the Auction on 6th May 2012. The most important consideration is that Turkish Cypriots are now learning of the proposed auction on the 6th May 2012 of the Karmi/Robb properties and then other 900 dosiers the Ministry of the Interior made us aware of during out meeting on the 17th April 2012. Halkin Sesi did not carry this but it did carry an ad for Akfinans Bank Limited.

In a phone call today Pembe was accused of lying to the gentlemen we met at the Ministry and saying we told him there were people living on the Karmi site. We did no such thing, but in any event even if there had been, he was only offering a breathing space until August. It is not important, what is important is that purchasers have given their hard earned money to achieve a home on that site and after taking a good proportion of the purchase price, the builder downed tools. That the landowner is owed money is the reason the auction is going ahead. Absolutely no sympathy or consideration is being given the the innocent purchasers who stand to lose all their money through no fault of theirs. The landowner would have us believe he had no idea he was getting into bed with a crook and his partner; really? We are further expected to believe, having been promised a mansion in return for his land, he also advanced materials in excess of 200,000 US dollars in value. That I would suggest is the act of an extremely foolish person, yet I am led to believe the landowner is a very canny business man. As with everything touched by Gary Robb and his partner, this stinks.

The official from the Ministry went on to say he did not tell us of 900 properties going up for auction and that is true, he said dossiers and we all know a dossier can contain more than one property; witness Kulaksiz 5 that contained 13. I would advise this gentleman to put his shovel away. He also went on to say that 99% of the cases were for people who took mortgages on their own properties and hadn’t paid for years. My advice to anyone in this position, from today onwards, visit your local coffee shop and check to see if your property is going up to auction. Where else in the world would mortgage arrears be allowed to accrue for more than three months? Do I believe these figures? Well I might if I didn’t know that there are at least 1400 ex-pats and Turkish Cypriots in the same position as the Kulaksiz 5, i.e. mortgages taken out on their homes by rogue builders/landowners in cahoots with the BANKS.

All in all the press coverage has been adequate, for now. This is only the beginning. More spotlight will be shone on this outrageous situation until the Government acts.

Some coverage was given to the Robb/Kursat situation highlighted in the report from the UK High Court, but not enough. Talat Kursat are far from innocent in the Aga Saga but it will take a brave Government official to do something about it. We need a HERO. Any takers?

Never give in, never give up.

OB Joyful

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