North Cyprus News Update | the TRNC Minister and the Model

North Cyprus News Update | the MP and the Model

Well blow me (not really) down.  Last night I was being teased on Facebook that there was bit of a scandal going on here, and here it is reported in the Cyprus Mail.

I think it is okay for a young man to have such a beautiful companion and if she obtained the job she was given on ability, I am okay with that too. I just hope nepotism did not raise its very ugly head, definitely not where such a beautiful lady is concerned.  Isn’t it sad that I think 46 is young; well at my age it is. I have to say though, he is old enough to be this glamorous young lady’s Baba.

I’ll say no more, it says Writs could be flying around, I don’t want one.  Still if they are ‘flying around’, it is more than the proposed new National Carrier is doing…   bum bum (Editor: should that be boom, boom?)


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