North Cyprus News Update | The Supreme Justice Council investigates Judge Ilker Sertbay

North Cyprus News Update | I was oh so very disappointed to read in yesterday’s edition of Cyprus Today that a disciplinary investigation has been launched into the activities of senior judge Judge Ilker Sertbay. Apparently the decision to proceed with the investigation, the first in the TRNC, was voted on and a majority of 6 for 5 against with one abstention meant the investigation will go ahead.

In my opinion, he came into Girne District Court like a breath of fresh air. Having had two previous Judges listen to my Breach of Contract case, he was the only one who took the time and trouble to allow me to speak. All the Advocates appeared to be in awe of him, which to me was a very healthy change. Actually Mr Sertbay came to the Courts in Girne in September 2009, so I disagree with Cyprus Today, he had not been President of the Girne Courts for many years, in fact, I would say barely two.

I had in fact been aware that there was some problem, having been told of it some time ago. I was told that was why Judge Sertbay was allegedly moved to Guzelyurt.

There are no details of the complaints made against Judge Sertbay. I wonder if we will ever know, whatever the outcome of the investigation.

The Supreme Justice Council who will conduct this investigation is said to comprise of the Attorney General Askan Ilgen, Head of the Baro Council, Hasan Sozmener, High Court Judges, two representative of the Presidency and the Speaker of the Parliament. The complaints must be of a serious nature for this committee to sit in judgement of a judge.

I am so sad it is necessary.

Source: Cyprus Today December 3rd 2011, page 9

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