North Cyprus News Update | The Model Minister

The story of the Minister and the Model continues to hit the news with claims by both parties involved that they are not ‘involved’, that indeed there is no relationship between them. The Minister points out that it is not in his remit to appoint teachers, it is the responsibility of the Education Ministry. The Foreign Minister is obviously responsible for ‘Foreign Affairs’.

Mr. Minister, I do hope that this is now the truth, because having lived in the TRNC for almost six years, if I have learned nothing else, I have learned that there is always someone prepared to ‘dob you in or stab you in the back’ at the first opportunity. That person may not always live on the same land mass as you.

That two single consenting adults may, or may not, have found pleasure in each others company is no ones business but their own. It was the issue of a job allegedly being thrown into the mix that made it ‘interesting’. That and the fact the young lady happens to be very easy on the eye. Let’s face it, if she had not been attractive, the story would never have been news worthy.

That nepotism, cronyism and corruption has caused so much pain to the property victims here is beyond doubt. That the law here is old, and appears to work more in the favour of the villain is hard to explain.  However, wherever you are in the World, embargoes not withstanding, a little salacious news travels fast.

Editor: As this article does not include all the facts we at NCFP thought it important to include some more information HERE


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