North Cyprus News Update | Police Brutality in the TRNC

The wind was howling, the rain so heavy the constant sound of it hitting the window with such force made me wonder if the glass would give. There was an eerie sound outside on the patio as if someone was walking out there. The lightning illuminating the whole room adding to the feeling of dread. I carefully got out of bed and crept to the window, I drew back the curtain and there walking across the patio, was… my chairs… gotcha! Certainly was a rough old night here in the TRNC last night. I have to say that with the amount of rain we have been having the reservoirs must be full and the water table replenished

This morning the wind has died down a little and I cannot see the mountains in Turkey, but when I can they are snow topped and oh so beautiful. Where else would I be able to open my curtains, look down to the sea and across to Turkey? What a feast for the eyes. Where in the south can you see even a glimpse of Greece or the Greek islands?

Yesterday I wrote about the torture inflected on a Turkish National in custody, suspected of sexually abusing a child. My researcher came up with this article first published in May 2011 which sheds more light on the story. If you click on to the link at the end of this article you will find it is in Turkish, however the facility to translate it into ‘Google’ English is given.

The photo is the story, but I have to warn you, it is not for the squeamish. Even if the man had been guilty, what happened to him is totally unacceptable. The fact that he was innocent just compounds the barbarity of what happened to him whilst in police custody.

The duty of the police is to catch the criminal. Punishment is for the courts. When the police start to believe they have the right to punish anyone, then who will police the police?


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