North Cyprus News – Gary Robb’s mother Mavis “unceremoniously escorted from island”

North Cyprus News – For those amongst us who do believe in ‘poetic justice’, you will glad to hear that a reliable source has revealed that Mavis Robb, mother of the well known property developer Gary Robb of Amaranta Valley and Aga Development fame, has now been evicted, furniture the lot, and the property is now the legal possession of the original landowner. When I say legal possession, I mean it literally, my source tells me, he now has full access to it.

The really good news to accompany this is that it would appear all the other owners there seem to be well on the way to achieving not only justice, but also their title deeds. I am a great believer in the old saying, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, well in the case of Mrs Robb, I think the fat lady is in full voice, the legitimate purchasers, I will keep everything well and truly crossed.

I cannot imagine having been so unceremoniously escorted from this island, Mrs Robb would have any wish to return, and I am not sure the status of her exit would allow for her return anyway.

With the RoC now about to start the ‘auction route’. I cannot envisage many potential purchasers will be putting either side of the island of Cyprus on their list of ‘potential retirement home destinations.’

It would also seem that both sides are totally unwilling or unable to get to grips with the reality that in allowing this situation to continue they not only damage their credibility as an ethical place to invest, are causing their construction industry damage but also turning themselves into a very unnattractive holiday destination.

Where will this all end. Who knows, but clearly the end is nowhere in sight.

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