North Cyprus | Milking a Cash Cow

When I read of the ridiculous situation where a British home owner in North Cyprus was fined for overstaying his 6o day visa, I had to admit the first thing I thought was, ‘didn’t he look at the date stamp on his passport’. Then I thought, well no why should he, if he was used to a 90 day visa, why should this one be any different?

You see when you enter north Cyprus, you can be given a 30, 60 or 90 day visa. Inconsistent, well yes, but then isn’t everything in north Cyprus? Two tier pricing policies, even a transfer fee discount taken away from foreigners but remaining for locals, said to be about to change back but for how long, a Tapu that does not recognise there has been negative growth in property values gaily putting the first figure that comes into their head as the value for transfer and quite happy to do so as long as it is greater than the Contract price. Hands up anyone who has had a valuation less than the Contract price. This of course is never going to happen. The cash cows have one function and one function only, they are to be milked until they squeak.

It is interesting to note that a foreigner over 60 years old who outstays the term of the visa will not be fined. Since the latest victim was 59 and therefore in his 60th year, could not a little compassion, a little discretion have been applied? So once again the question that has cropped up before, crops up again. Why do foreigners over 60 need a Temporary Residence Permit? I will be the first to admit that I would, if I lived in north Cyprus apply for one anyway regardless of age, but still the question is there; why if you are not fined for overstaying a visa after the age of 60, do you need one at all?

We all were shocked when the Government introduced yearly blood and other tests for temporary residents until the age of 60. I can quite see the need for new temporary residents, but for long term ones, not really. If you live in north Cyprus on a permanent basis, any disorder you do ‘pick up’ will most probably have been ‘picked up’ in north Cyprus, so why should you be penalised for that? I suspect in reality it is just another way to milk the cash cows yet again. The crop of false positives for Hepatitis proves that the system is flawed, I now see that the ‘powers that be’ have spent a lot of money on equipment to ensure this does not happen again. I will just extend my leg so you can pull it – ding dong, ding dong.

They say there is one law for the rich and one for the poor, I would amend that, in north Cyprus there is one law for the cash cows who they wrongly assume are rich and one for the poor – God help you.

Pirate Pete

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