North Cyprus Law | Publish and be Damned?

North Cyprus Law | Publish and be Damned?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

When I was young, a million years ago, I lived in Worcester. When I left school it was not ‘will I find a job’, there was a choice and to some extent you could choose.

Worcester had light industries, apprenticeships and the concept of a job for life still existed. There was a can making factory called Metal Box and so many of my family had jobs there. Italian workers were brought in to fill vacancies. I remember Heenan and Froude where the ‘hooter’ would sound when it was time for the men to knock off or return to work. Archdales Limited, reputedly this became a munitions factory during the second world war, where the one and only bomb that fell in the City landed. I recall a myriad of small enterprises which now no longer exist.

There was a small factory called Worcester Heat Systems who was at the forefront in developing boilers. Boilers for all uses but predominately for central heating systems.

Worcester Heat was the brainchild of a man called Cecil Duckworth who was the owner/major shareholder in this company which like Topsy ‘just growed’ (I know it should be grew).

Mr Duckworth invested his money in the City of Worcester and took Worcester Rugby Club by the scruff of its neck and turned it into Rugby team of note.

As happens the ‘big boys’ came in and presumably ‘made him an offer he could not refuse’, the big boy in this case was Bosch. Expansion by Bosch meant more jobs in the City of Worcester and now Bosch has a huge presence in the City on a site that used to house other well known factories that are no more.

What I personally find interesting is that now many of boilers whose origins were Worcester Heat are now produced in Turkey. Indeed many appliances made by Bosch are produced in Turkey. My washing machine is Bosch and was made in Turkey. It is inevitable that this should happen, Turkey produce good solid reliable appliances, not least of all boilers. The factory in Worcester still flourishes and clearly the demand for boilers whose origins were Worcester Heat Systems continues, Turkey now also builds these boilers to keep up with demand.

Bosch is company whose origins are in Germany, part of the EU, and they clearly recognise that their appliances can be manufactured to the same high quality at a affordable price for them and the consumer in Turkey.

As you all know, this Worcester girl, complete with sauce, came to retire to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. My stay here has not been without incident and on occasion positively exciting.

I have never made a secret of my problems (adventures) and now the much promised book is almost ready for publication. Here is my problem, I know that if I do publish it whilst still living in the TRNC it will cause me further trouble. Every word is the truth, but so much truth in one place could well be the catalyst that leads to my demise.

Now I must ask myself, do I have that extra courage to say ‘publish and be damned’ or do I say discretion is the better part of valour. You all know I have endured much, yes even suffered much too. It has been pointed out to me that to publish could even be dangerous, I am not making excuses for my past actions but at my time in life, is it worth it?

Copies of the draft of the book are in the United Kingdom.

Pauline Ann Read

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