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North Cyprus LawyerAs promised Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Benson chased up Pauline Read’s newly submitted second application for Permission to Purchase at the Home Office. Mehmet refers to the Ministry of the Interior as the Home Office which I find easier to use too.

Mehmet was told that a new application number will be allocated but assured this time it will not take the usual length of time to process. Very magnanimous of them considering their mistake in losing it (for the second time) is the only reason Pauline needs to re-apply. Well, even under normal circumstances it should not take long anyway considering how few new purchasers there are in this very depressed and, one could say, suicidal market.

Mehmet would have chased it on Thursday but it was a Bank holiday here in north Cyprus, so he did it on the next working day. As you are all aware Mehmet is committed to chasing this application every two working days.

I also have some news of the book being written by Pauline Read. The Editor and publisher of North Cyprus Free Press will be publishing this book through his publishing company NCFP Publishing and it is now at the second revision stage. There are a few more stages to go through but it will not be long before it is published.

The book is a compilation of victims’ stories and one or two other issues we will be kept under wraps for the moment. It is intended to be published as a paperback and an ebook and to be available worldwide. More news later.

The title of the book was suggested by Pauline’s former Advocate Naomi Mehmet, who sadly ‘sacked’ Pauline as her client: “You Could Not Make It Up.” It will be the first book on the subject, but not the last.

Pauline Read now has Mehmet Kaptan Benson acting for her in all matters other than the K5 case in which she is joint litigant with other K5 victims; Advocate Boysan Boyra represents all the litigants in this case. She will of course discuss the legal implications to her in penning You Could Not Make It Up with Mehmet prior to its publication. The book will be published distributed worldwide and subject to International law.


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