North Cyprus Law | Paying to Represent Yourself in a TRNC Court


North Cyprus Law – Paying to Represent Yourself in a TRNC Court

Another morning at the Girne District Court.

I arrived at 9.00 am. and the court went into session a little after that.  I sat as I always do, at the back of the court and my case came on quite quickly. I only know this by the number of advocates who stood up and of course I am really familiar with the lovely young lady acting for Akan Kursat aka the Bank. There are 8 defendants in this case and 13 petitioners. Again, my now former Advocate was called for, and again he was not there. The Judge decided he should be sent for and delayed the case until he arrived.

Now, I am not sure what the court rules are in this situation, but I would think it common courtesy for an Advocate who withdraws from a case to at least tell the Judge of this decision. I did not dismiss him from my case. Why would I, I had a two year contract with him for him to act in such matters.

A couple of hours late, my now former Advocate did show up and did withdraw from my case . The Judge then asked if I agreed to this and, since he had already made his decision, I felt I had no choice but to say yes. The Advocate said are you going to represent yourself. I said yes. The Judge asked how I was going to do that and I said I would hope the court would appoint an interpreter. The Judge said she strongly suggested I get an Advocate as I would have to pay for an interpreter. You see you cannot win, which ever way you turn, justice is an expensive commodity. The only thing I ever did wrong was to buy a villa in north Cyprus.

The next appearance is the 4th November when hopefully Agile and I will have had a chance to obtain much needed medical treatment overseas, and I will have had a chance to engage another Advocate.

I must say, I found the Supreme Court much more accommodating in the matter of representing myself and providing a court appointed interpreter.

Pauline Ann Read

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