North Cyprus Law | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen | Recommended Kyrenia Advocate

North Cyprus Law | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen | Recommended Kyrenia AdvocateNorth Cyprus Law | Mehmet Kaptan Bensen | Recommended Kyrenia Advocate

Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, my Advocate and my friend has taken a leap of faith and relocated his Law Office from Nicosia to Kyrenia.You all know how much time and help he has given to us the victims and supporters of victims via our FaceBook groups.  Now he is going to be available, on the doorstep as it were, of the victims living in Kyrenia. Over the years I have been campaigning for justice, it would seem that the majority of victims are in Kyrenia. It has to be noted that there are very many victims in Famagusta too, but Kyrenia and the outlying areas have more than its fair share of victims of the property scams in North Cyprus.

Mehmet Kaptan Bensen is now to be found at:

Ugur Mumcu Cd
Eren Ishani
Dukkan No. 6 (30F)
Karakum, Girne  (Turkish) 

Ugur Mumcu Street
Eren Ishani
Shop No. 6 (30F)
Karakum, Kyrenia (English)
Telephone (mobile)  0533 840 6766 Local
00 90 533 840 6766 International

email:   [email protected]

Head out of Kyrenia towards Karakum, on the Karakum road past Lemar Supermarket on the right, past Akfinans Bank on the right, keep looking to the right Mehmet’s office on the right, it is located in what was the old Sydney Construction office right next door to what was the old Kulaksiz Construction office (hiss boo).  The office now has Mehmet Kaptan Bensen sign on it.Mehmet Kaptan Bensen is, in my opinion, a competent and honest Advocate with a wide knowledge and experience of all aspects of north Cyprus law and has been qualified to do so for ten years. I can only speak from my own experience in knowing him and using his skills with my own personal legal problems which as everyone knows are many and varied.  I am happy to be associated with him and happy to have at last found an Advocate who speaks and writes English fluently and recognises the need for his client to kept apprised of all that is happening.   In Mehmet Kaptan Bensen I have found such a man.

I wish Mehmet Kaptan Bensen success in his move and he can be assured of my full and continuing support. I thank God for bring this man into my life.

Pauline Ann Read

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