North Cyprus law makers help Akfinans Bank steal from poor to help rich

Good to read the British Government are beginning to acknowledge the rights of homeowners here. Unfortunately for Kulaksiz 5 and all those in a similar situation, this news will not help us.

We read of the problems in the south, very nearly a mirror image of our own. People are loosing their retirement homes in other countries too. Well, says the politicians in the TRNC, if it is happening elsewhere, it must be okay for it to happen here. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The TRNC is on its knees and we, the ex-patsy’s do not want to be the ones to deliver the killer blow. Examine, if you will, the cases in the south. I know for sure there are several element in the Kulaksiz 5 case you will not find in the south.. a bank which thinks it is perfectly acceptable to charge 80% quarterly compound, a judiciary who didn’t question it when granting a Repossession Order and a Government who allows a law to remain on the statute books that gives a Builder or a landowner the right to use a property they have already sold as security against¬†a loan. We all know it should be rescinded and a new fair law put in its place and made RETROSPECTIVE.

The Human Rights of so many people, the elderly, the infirm and the vulnerable are being abused, no, more than abused, they are being taken and rubbed in the dirt. TRNC when you respect the Human Rights of others, yours will also be respected.

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