North Cyprus Law | Libel Case | An Interesting Non-Event


North Cyprus Law | Libel Case | An Interesting Non-Event

Court this morning turned out to be a non-event with a few interesting twists.

Firstly, let us remember, I have never formally freed my advocate from his obligation under the contract I have with him. If he wishes to withdraw from the case, and I have every reason to believe he does after withdrawing from the Mandamus case, then I see it as his obligation to make the Judge aware of this fact, not mine.

I am not ‘legally trained’ so, before I speak to the court, I need the Judge to address me. I believe it would be contempt of court if I were suddenly to start trying to engage the Judge in conversation within the court. I have too much respect for the court to do that.

I get ahead of myself. I arrived at court at about 9.00 a.m. I looked on the court listing and could not see my case. I went into a court office and a very nice young lady looked up my case number and made me aware the case was still with the same Judge. As I have explained, occasionally after the summer recess the Judge can change. It had not.

I made my way to the court and sat at the back. I was not surprised when the owner of CAC came into the court, went out and then returned and sat next to me. Some may see this as intimidation, me I am philosophical and see it otherwise. In any event to be intimidated you need to be frightened, I was just amused.

A lot of cases were heard before the Libel case, however eventually it was heard. The clue came in the number of advocates who were standing. I am told the ‘shouter’ went out and called for my Advocate. I was so engrossed in what was going on, I did not hear it. In any event my name was not called.

When the Advocates filed out, I followed and asked one if he was part of the Libel case, he said he was, he also told me that my Advocate had been called for but had nor responded. I asked when the next appearance was, he told me 1st October 2013.

I then glanced across and saw the owner of CAC having a nice cosy chat with the Advocate for the Bank. Nice.

Never give up never give in

Pauline Ann Read

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