North Cyprus Law | Is it Allowed to Express a Legal Opinion?


North Cyprus Law | Is it Allowed to Express a Legal Opinion?

I have not, nor would I ever set myself up to be qualified to give legal advice. I am not an Advocate, Lawyer or Solicitor. What I am is someone who has parted with a lot of money to try to obtain justice and in doing so obtained some information on how the system works or not, as the case may be. Note “how the system works”, it seems I can in law, also defend myself in court, but not anyone else. A huge undertaking because of the language problem, but allowed.

I have been involved in many different kinds of cases in north Cyprus and attended court more times than I care to remember. Quite a feat really when you consider I had no such experience in the UK, my worst offence being a parking ticket. Did I then turn to a life of crime when I dropped on to the shores of north Cyprus? Certainly not, I merely purchased a villa…mistake number one. Although I followed the prescribed legal route in doing this, I became a victim of what would be described as a criminal fraud in any civilised country. Even in north Cyprus we are led to believe that if the fraud has an element of dishonesty in it, it is criminal. How much more dishonesty do you need than to have property sold to you and then the seller knowingly goes and takes a mortgage on your property. Not the act of an honest person or persons.

My choice of Advocates has not been good either. The first sacked me as a client. The second has been wonderful and is still acting for me in the Kulaksiz 5 case. The third withdrew during the Mandamus case.

Free Legal Advice in North Cyprus is a FaceBook page to help victims and all Advocates members are invited to give advice on that page. It is not just one Advocate, but all Advocates who can take advantage of this page and if as a result of giving advice they gain a client, so be it. In other words, it is not a closed shop. If, during a discussion someone gives an unqualified opinion then that is the nature of all discussions and those reading are obviously advised to take qualified legal advice and not rely on opinion. Obvious really. The discussion of personal experiences and laws that are in the public domain is not giving legal advice and these laws are available on a public website hosted by the Government of north Cyprus.

The fact that I did not object to the Breach of Contract judgement being cancelled is now common knowledge. I could not do to others that which Kulaksiz, Abdurrahman Guney, Yuksel Yilmaz and the Bank did to me.

Go to KKTC Mahkemeleri | Resmi Web Sitesi it is a fascinating page and it can be translated into English.

An attempt to censor our FaceBook pages has been made but since we are doing nothing illegal or shameful, I cannot understand why.


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