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North Cyprus Law | Free Legal Advice North Cyprus v Citizens’ Advice Cyprus

Just a little review of the outrage caused by offering Free Legal Advice. I think I will stick to crosswords (bum bum). Well it is Christmas, he’s behind you, oh no, not him again.

Chris Arif: John when Hak and Pauline started their bussiness together I wished them good luck , as the more groups doing their thing the better, I thought I would check their site out to see how and what they done !! Guess what I was banned by Pauline

Hak befriended me on Facebook offering his services to me , which I

Don’t need ! Due to conflicts of interest with cac on some issues

Pembe and I decided it wasn’t right for us to use him ,

So when he posted on cac I felt it was a bit cheeky of him so I deleted his post and him”

How interesting, Arif is accusing Hak of touting for his business by befriending him. The conflict he refers to is that Hak refused to pay the sort of percentages being demanded by the CAC representative for client introductions. Pauline Read is not in business with anyone, she does not ask for, or receive fees from ANYONE, never has, never will. Mr Arif, after the way you disrespected members of CAC and the other stbinc, why would anyone believe what you say or want you as a member? “Pembe and I decided it wasn’t right for us to use him”. the operative word USE, that is exactly right and as the one who pays the rent, guess you make the decisions.

Chris Arif: but john deep down do you think their advice is going to be totally free.”

Yes Mr Arif, advice given on the page and chat is free – acting for a client is not, although without the ‘introductory fee” demanded by some, front loading the fee, it will be resaonable.


Chris Arif: any advice is free but actions cost money , so if a case has to go to court is that going to be free ???”


No one has even suggested otherwise Mr Arif. No £50 per annum membership fee just for advice though.

Chris Arif: no one john but would tescos let morrisons advertise on their website”

Oh dear, Open Mouth Isert Foot Syndrome (OMIFS) stbinc other group is not a business… yes sure. CAC is though and we all believe the two never mix.

A member asks: “If a case goes to court it becomes more than advice and everyone has to make a living even lawyers. A court case requires more than just advice but as long as it is honest then what is your problem?”


Oh dear, someone getting a little cross… there there.

Chris Arif: its know different to me to give free estimates on construction work.but if you want the work done you have to pay , whats the difference”

Good analagy Mr Arif, refresh my memory… landowner… Sevilla, the purchasers paid didn’t they? Then had to pay some more. Not your fault, of course, then when Marion Stokes, after spending so much time and energy (free of charge) achieved a break through, who tried to claim the credit and why? Well we know the who, the why… good PR for attracting clients to… well we all know who… we also know has a financial interest there too? Did I remember that correctly, no accusation, just asking.

A members says: “So now you are saying that this website is a legal website and that any other lawyer is your competitor that does not sound like the web site that was set up… This is NOT yours and PEMBE’s personal legal service CAC is that, do not use this web site to feather your own nest. Pembe if I was saying this on the CAC website then you would be correct but I am not, You are saying it on the wrong website. You both have a conflict of interest here…”

Chris Arif: your talking in riddles now , do you have trouble reading messages that have been posted already”

Oh dear Mr Arif, seems only YOU do not understand the question, or could it be you just don’t have an answer?

Chris Arif: how am i feathering my nest ,”

Come on Mr Arif, you are not that stupid.

A member said: “You are not helping victims by restricting their sources of advice…”


Chris Arif: we offer free advice too”


You banned a member for doing that?

A member said: Do you have a monopoly on free advice then?

Chris Arif: not yet working on it , i go to free advice center for advice. advice “you need to sue builder ” ok thankyou “do you know a good lawyer?as it happens yes ME . BUT I CHARGE THANKYOU VERY MUCH”

Oh yes, good answer. You will fit right in with many Advocates in the TRNC. Oh by the way, you will never have the monopoly on it, you just think you will.

Pembe Ibrahim: John what do you know about CAC or the work we do !”

What Ms Ibrahim meant to say was, John what do you know about CAC or the work we do and charge for?

A member said: “What I know or dont know about anything does not matter, my knowledge is immaterial I don’t matter, but I am not trying to control what my friends can or can not see. I am not Tesco’s trying the ban Asda.”

Chris Arif: no ones banning them john , they have there own website to view”

Interesting comment from Mr Arif, the King of Banners. Why is there another site Mr Arif? Because greed and avarice, that well known partnership, took over the sites that were working well until the parasites decided they wanted to re-victimise the victims.

A member said: “You keep talking like you own this website, it is not yours you are quite a recent member of it.”

Chris Arif: i am just one of the good guys , doing my bit.·”

Self praise is no recommendation. Doing my bit, at a price?

Pembe Ibrahim: No one owns nothing but Chris is only protecting what we all have here”

No one owns nothing, thank God for St. Chris and English lessons.

A member said: “both just keep on believing that and you will be OK….”

Pembe Ibrahim: “Just to let everyone that we have been attacked by a Cypriot Lawyer MEHMET BENSEN obviously times must be getting bad with business and needs to advertise in such a way. I you wish to employ such a laywer the decision is yours. By his actions on our page I would doubt his sanity … !!!”

Libel, in my humble opinion.

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