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North Cyprus Law - CertiorariWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law – Certiorari

Definition of Certiorari:

A word from Law Latin, meaning “to be more fully informed.” If an appellate court has the power to review cases at its discretion, certioari is the formal instrument by which that power gets used. A writ of certiorari orders a lower court to deliver its record in a case so that the higher court may review it. The U.S. Supreme Court uses certiorari to pick most of the cases that it hears.

Following news that property on the site where she has purchased is to go up for auction, one of the purchasers has instructed a Kyrenia advocate to commence a legal case. Apparently this case will involve the use of a writ of certiorari. which as you can see appears to imply that it could well be a Supreme Court hearing.

That there are more pending auctions out there does not surprise me. I still believe many, many more will follow.

What does surprise me is that even now, victims still believe by keeping silent it will somehow help their case. News flash, if that were true, why would it get as far as auction?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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5 comments to North Cyprus Law | Certiorari

  • cyprusishome

    “victims still believe by keeping silent it will somehow help their case”

    Spot on Pauline. We both know from 8 years of trying to fight the system that the bully boy tactics of the Cypriots always works out the same way. I can understand that many are frightened but take your head out and you will be surprised at the support you may get. Keep head in sand (HISS) and the results are guaranteed – You are stuffed!!!!!!

  • cyprussue

    Whilst I feel it is foolish to broadcast the evidence you are about to present in court and the ins and outs of your court case, I think it equally foolish to stay silent. By doing this you don’t always find out the history of the developer; has he done this before? Have others experienced similar problems and can they share their experience and make recommendations? How effective have the support networks been and many more answers to help you make informed choices. By speaking out you also allow other victims to avoid the same fate.

    In truth, I have no confidence in the TRNC justice system. Does anyone know of any buyers that have successfully won a property dispute in TRNC? The only success has been as a result of UK involvement like with Gary Robb and SOCCA.

  • Polly Marples

    Whilst Pauline was fighting her Breach of Contract case, on the advice of her advocate, she never went public. It was not until after the case was won, she made her case public knowledge.

    Well we all know how that went. Bad advice, from an inept advocate leaving her with nothing. No villa, no compensation.

    Naomi Ruth Mehmet has much to answer for.

  • cyprusishome

    Polly, If you have been on that forum that does not allow you or mention of this site somebody asked for recommendations for a solicitor.

    I could not believe the name that cropped up a couple of times with praise such that I would question who the posters were!!!!!!!!! It is all very well when you house purchase goes through with no issue but place a problem on the desk of many of the Girne lawyers and that is the last you see them.

  • Polly Marples

    Probably Naomi’s sister and secretary.