North Cyprus Law | Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen at Work


When we had finished at the Police Station yesterday, we were having our coffee and I explained to my Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen that I was not happy with the length of time my Memorandum was taking to process. It was now with the Tapu, having been given as an Enforced Sale judgement, waiting for them to action.

Right said Mehmet, let us go and see the Tapu. ” When?” I said. “Now!” he said. How impressive is that when you are talking with an Advocate?

Off we went and when we arrived at the Tapu as usual it was heaving with people. Not a problem. Mehmet spoke to someone, gave them the reference number and in no time flat, Mehmet was talking to the right person. Mehmet was told that my file was on hold. When he asked why, he was told it was because it was Kulaksiz. Mehmet was very firm with this person and explained that this case was nothing to do with other case going through the courts at the moment. Mehmet further pointed out that a Judge had ordered this sale and he was prepared to go back to court get another order if this one was ignored. It seems such action was not necessary, he was told that the valuer would be sent out now. Mehmet then clarified if this would result in an Auction, he was told yes it would, within a few months.

Now I wonder what would have happened to my file if Mehmet Kaptan Bensen had not interceded? Mehmet has assured me he will be keeping an eye on this situation and check progress regularly. A totally different attitude to that of Ms Naomi Mehmet my former Advocate who sacked me as a client. One of the issues causing this was her email to me telling me they were not allowed to chase the Tapu. Well Naomi hanim, if you are reading this, I have chased it. My Advocate was chasing it yesterday and no one was jumping up and down at the Tapu saying we could not chase it. Forgive me if I arrive at the conclusion that you did not want to chase it. Now how was that acting in my best interest?


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