North Cyprus Akfinans Bank tries to illegally evict property owners

Akfinans Bank Limited claim that as the properties on Kulaksiz 5 are registered in their names, they are theirs.

How many of us live and claim ownership of a property that is not YET in our names. Until we get our PTP, we cannot have title transferred and we all know how long that process takes (too long) So I say, if they are telling the truth (IF) then nothing much has changed since the properties have never been in our names and yet we have lived in them and paid our bills on them for the last four years. I do have my permission to purchase and I have tried to have the title transferred but could not because of the mortgage.

Despite the fact that Akan Kursat on behalf of Akfinans Bank Limited illegally changed the locks on my villa, I still claim ownership until one of two things happen

a) I receive the Court ordered award given which I won on 6th November 2009.


b) I am served with an Court sanctioned Eviction Order.

The government must accept some responsibility for having been complicit in allowing this to have dragged on for so long. How often were they warned by the HBPG that a situation like this would happen? They have buried their heads in the sand and now they come up for air to find that all they have achieved is a ‘mouthful of sand’.

You see, I still pay my bills on my villa, like the law abiding person I am. Akfinans you could take a leaf out of my book.

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