New Facebook Group – “Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus”

Yesterday a new group was started on Facebook by yet another disgruntled Property Market victim. The title given is “Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus”. The group now has 99 members and growing.

Would such a group be necessary if the TRNC Government were to take the initiative and stomp on every Builder, Bank, Landowner, Advocate, Estate Agent and rogue who sought to extort money from hapless foreigners and TRNC Citizens who made the mistake of buying from them or through them?

The situation, which has reached epidemic proportions, is continuing to be ignored by the Government. The newspapers have been effectively emasculated as far as reporting the abominations happening to the Kulaksiz 5. Akfinans Bank is thought to be using the Banking Law 39/2001 – Article 53 which states that “any unfounded reporting or news undertaken by the respective person who will damage the reputation or harm the bank is considered a criminal act.” Akfinans Bank appears to be using this law as a shield to prevent any reporting.

When members of Kulaksiz 5 took photos of a Bank official breaking and entering into Eva McCluskey’s home, a criminal offence, instead of the criminal who was going through the window he had forced being arrested, the taker of the photograph was threatened with arrest. This, in my opinion, is another form of blackmail, on a scale that is unprecedented. It is sad, but true, they are getting away with it and seem to be aided by the very institution that should be totally unbiased – the Police.

I believe that the only entity bringing the Banking sector into disrepute and damaging the reputation of, or harming the Banking industry, is a Bank. Why aren’t other Banks queuing up to take action against them? I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the extraordinary notice placed in the Cyprus Today newspaper, just prior to the Auction of 6th June 2010.

We have builders who are demanding even more money just to finish the building projects they have already been fully paid for. What really disappoints me is that the main help group here in the TRNC are telling buyers that this is the only way to achieve a finished project; blackmail yet again. Whenever has rewarding a blackmailer been the right way to go?

Then there is the case of builders who demand ridiculous amounts of money to transfer title deeds after having already been paid and being Contracted to do so on completion of the property. This is yet another example of the blackmail taking place and the reason this Group was started. The recipient of such a demand had

Reached a breaking point and decided that ‘enough is enough’ and started a Facebook group to highlight the fact that this practice is going on unabated and that the Government’s inactivity implies approval of such criminal behaviour.

Builders’ rate tariff for electricity charged by Kib tek; another example of blackmail brazenly practised by a state owned utility company. Instead of punishing the builder who walked away from his Contractual obligation to provide domestic rated electricity, they are punishing the innocent party, the purchasers yet again. Kib tek, knowing full well that the builders are serial offenders will let them tap into the supply to develop yet another site knowing full well he will renege on the new Contract. They appear to be supporting this next breach by making electricity available to him to be able to develop this project. It would be too easy for Kib tek to refuse permission for a Builder to put in another Electrical Project before finishing the previous one. No, Kib tek will continue to turn a blind eye because they know that the poor expat ‘cash cows’ will pay three times the normal tariff and they will be raking it in. It would be too easy for the Government to act and make electricity the same tariff for everyone.

Every demand for the purchaser to pay the builder’s taxes is blackmail. Every demand for the purchaser to pay extra for a transformer is blackmail. Every demand for the purchaser to pay extra for the supply of water is blackmail. Every demand for the purchaser to pay extra to pay off an illegal mortgage to the Bank is blackmail. Every demand for the purchaser to pay over and above the Contract price to finish the project is blackmail.

Those are just a few examples of the cunning ways builders/landowners and developers have found to try to extort more money from the purchasers; the innocents in all this.

The Government has to take notice. Too long has this unsustainable situation been ignored. To continue to ignore it is to commit a very slow and painful form of suicide. The people of the TRNC deserve and should demand better.

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