Naming and Shaming the Rogue Builders

It is important to understand that the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group is for all victims. Yes of course, I am always going to have a slight bias towards my own ‘pet’ rogues, Kulaksiz Construction Limited, Abdurrahman Guney, Yuksel Yilmaz and that famous bank, who now uses my villa (forcibly and criminally taken from me) as their weekend retreat, Akfinans Bank Limited. I can understand the need for a weekend of rest in their line of business. Libel laws forbid me publishing what I personally believe that business to be. Suffice to say that the Mafia would blush at the interest they applied to the mortgage given to Guney and Yilmaz, reduced by the court on the 20th November 2008 to 80% per quarter compound.

I have been working at collating a list of the Builders we know to have resorted to blackmailing innocent purchasers and found that Home Buyers Pressure Group had already been down that route. Read what was being said as far back as June 2007 and realise, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

I note that it does not include Boyut, Borman or the infamous Recaiglu; the builder who accused Geoff Day of theft when he wouldn’t be blackmailed into making his final payment. Why would he, the villa was not finished? This was the case that my reporting on caused me to be pseudo-arrested and to have my laptop confiscated and it has never been returned. Sercem was removed, but in fact a lovely couple were at the court recently supporting K5 and they claimed problems with Sercem.

Marion Stokes is a wonderful lady. Her work in helping property victims is legendary. Marion and I however differ in one major area, Marion allegedly advocates (sorry no pun intended) working with the builder and paying MORE money. She builds in safeguards to try to ensure that it is all the extra money the victim will ever pay, but we all know, a blackmailer never ‘only asks once’ and a blackmailer should never be rewarded for his crime.

I also recognise we all have the right to make our decisions, so if this is the route you decide to take, I wish you every success.

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