My laptop was taken from me by the TRNC police a year ago today!

It is exactly one year to the day since poor Laura the Laptop was taken into custody, her only crime, she belonged to me. Now you can be forgiven for thinking that the Police should either charge me with some crime or return my property.

I cast my mind back a year and remember vividly the fist phone call suggesting I attend the Police Station in Girne, then the second call insisting I attend the Police Station in Girne. Obviously, my first question was – why? It was revealed that someone did not like my style of writing when reporting on the Geoff Day case. You will all remember Geoff was found not guilty on all charges in a case that in any other country in the world would not have seen the inside of a court.

I remember how I panicked and sent off an email to everyone I could think of from the Turkish Ambassador to Lord Maginnis to Mr Rauf Denktas. I think I sent 16 in all. My real fear was that I would be treated like Geoff and end up in the cells for 3 days with no-on knowing it was happening.

Well that did not happen to me and I did take the precaution of asking Ian Sheppard, who then worked for Cyprus Today, to accompany us to the Police Station. This he did and heard everything that was said, even the garbled version of a caution which stopped midway. He also accompanied us to our home when the four police officers followed us and at first threatened to search my home but then settled with just taking poor Laura the laptop into custody with a firm promise that she would be returned within two weeks. Although I asked to see an arrest warrant and a search warrant, neither were ever produced. Indeed on leaving my home one officer did say ‘may I take your laptop’ to which I replied ‘no you may not’. He still took it.

Ian did report on my plight in Cyprus Today and even enquired of the police what they were going to do to me. They said I would receive a summons within a week, well I didn’t and I am still waiting. Despite two written requests for the return of Laura the laptop, the Prosecution still refuse to return my property.

I have gone ito the archives and attached a very light hearted article about Laura. In truth when this first happened to me, I was terrified, I had never had any dealings with Police other than once parking my car in an unlit street facing the wrong way, and even then, it was during a strike by the Electricity workers in the UK, and when I left the car, the street-light it was parked under was on.

As you can tell I am a hardened villain and I expect them to lock me up and throw away the key.

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