More North Cyprus Banks to auction paid for properties – who can you trust?

Today the Kibris Gazetezi very kindly printed my rebuttal of the lies faxed to them by Akan Kursat and printed by them without referral to me to check their validity. For this I thank Kibris Gazetesi. Mr. Akan Kursat, please be aware that I still consider that my situation is exactly the same as all the other residents of Kulaksiz 5 until I receive the Court Award. You know that the wheels of progress in the courts turn very slowly and that since Kulaksiz Construction failed to come up with the award from other sources, the court memorandum will have to be actioned.

My Advocate has set the wheels in motion, but as you also know this could take some time to achieve. I really do not understand why you released such nonsense, you knew to be incorrect, to the press. It is so easy to prove it to be a lie. Equally, I do not understand why you, a trained professional would not seek the benefit of a Court sanctioned Eviction Notice so that you would not have had to break into my villa. I have stated publicly, on receipt of my award or an official Eviction Order, whichever comes first, I will, as a law abiding person, deliver my keys to my Advocate so that she could make sure they were given to the appropriate person. All the ugliness that occurred on Friday 30th July could have been avoided, the vehicular attack on Chris was not necessary. In my opinion, you all behaved outside the law and this is just outrageous given your professions.

I am not the stupid greedy woman you think me to be, I know I cannot have my cake and eat it. Perhaps there is a lesson in that last sentence for both you and Akfinans Bank Limited.

It seems that now the other Banks are flexing their muscles and another set of hapless pensioners are to pay the price for their dubious lending policies. Karsiyaka yet again.

I still cannot get my head around the idea that banks think it is okay to demand payment from anyone other than the borrower. The only relationship to the borrower of the person expected to pay their debt, is that they had the misfortune to buy from them. I suppose even worse is that the government legalises it. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Like us, I am sure they employed Estate Agents and trusted them, Advocates and trusted them, bought from builders and landowners and trusted them. trusted in the TRNC system. Their only sin, like ours, trusting in too many too much.

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