Monday’s silent, peaceful candlelit Vigil is not lawful

bewareToday has not been a very good day although I suppose I can read some positives into it.

I had a court hearing this morning when something incredible happened but that is for another story.

My visit to the Chief of Police in Lefkoşa resulted in me seeing the second in command but I have to say all at Lefkosa Police Station were courteous and very considerate. The suggestion was made that we should have our Vigil, IF it is ever allowed in the TRNC, about 50 metres from the Parliament Building and about 100 metres from the Turkish Embassy. Apparently even Turkish Cypriots would not be allowed to congregate in front of Parliament or the Turkish Embassy. This seemed to me to be a reasonable compromise and not far from where we intended to be. The big word is IF. The police were helpful and helped me compose a letter of application for permission to take to the District Office. Now we hit the stumbling block, the District Officer and all there were as helpful as their positions allowed them to be but it seems even though our Vigil to my mind does not constitute a protest, as I am a foreigner, it never the less needs permission

The District Officer explained to me that my application letter would be put before the Court on Monday and a decision would be available by Wednesday. I had hoped the telephone call from the Turkish Ambassador would have paved the way and perhaps short circuited the process, but no, it was not so.

I am deeply disappointed that we will not be having our Vigil in tandem with the Protest to be held in London on Monday 4th October 10.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m. outside the Turkish Embassy. However, all is not lost, if we receive our premission on Wednesday, I will reschedule our Vigil, possibly for the following Monday. You may think it remiss of me not to have applied before, but before all the publicity it would most definitely have been NO. Now, with the support of the Turkish Ambassador and all the publicity, I am hopeful for YES. Wednesday will be the day when the TRNC will decide if they will give us the freedom we expect from a fair and just country.

Do not discard your candles and keep your wicks trimmed.

Ever hopeful – Pauline Read

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