MNCBM Press Release – we are ‘prepared to demonstrate in the streets’

The newly formed Make North Cyprus Better Movement has been busy. They are now contacting those who have shown interest in their movement with a view to helping them. Indeed an October meeting is on the cards.

I was particularly interested in the link that accompanies their email. It would seem that the joint secretary is also on the BRS property sub-committee and this can only be to the advantage of anyone requiring their help. The MNCBM however is totally separate from the BRS or so I am told. Look at the link and judge for yourself.

On reading the Press Release being sent with the e mail I am very happy with 95% of their message. I would however like to draw your attention to the sentence about “Stop the Blackmail” movement claimed to have over 700 Turkish Cypriot members living mostly abroad with relatives here who fully support MNCBM’s 8 proposals. We cannot speak for the relatives of members but the members themselves did not object to the Facebook group giving its support. This is perfectly true, in fact our membership is now 1119 members and growing daily, the vast majority are still Turkish Cypriot. They then go on to say of our group “they claim to represent over 2000 voters”. This is incorrect, we have never claimed to represent a specific number of voters. We have been at pains to stress we are APOLITICAL as a group. What we have suggested is that our members living abroad and those living here too COULD, not WILL, influence the way their family and friends vote. That is a long way from claiming influence over 2000 voters.

I do firmly believe that the more people lobbying the Government, the better. It is unlikely we will duplicate anything the MNCBM are doing. We have no illusions, the doors of Government will open more readily to the MNCBM than to us, they have some influential people supporting them. We wish them success. Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group was formed because John Good had an idea, the idea took root and has grown and looks set to continue to grow. There is obviously a need for the group and I will continue to serve the group in whatever capacity and way I can. Every member is equal and of equal importance.

Join Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. Participate as little or as much as you want. You do not have to be overwhelmed with emails (it is pretty active with comments and ideas) just click on to Edit settings and untick the boxes and no more emails. Do however visit the Facebook page when you can. Email leri durdurmak icin, once “edit settings/sayfa ayarlari” e tiklayin, sonra ordaki kutularin icindeki isaretleri silin.

If you do have a problem you can inbox either Pembe or myself through our Facebook pages (you do not have to be a friend on the Facebook page). We do not claim to be experts but we will do all we can to put you on to someone, in the area you need, who is.

Never give in – Never give up

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