Millionaire Turkish Cypriot Asil Nadir allegedly gets UK legal aid, North Cyprus Property Victims get poor

I had been thinking just recently, I wonder how our home grown tycoon was faring in the British justice system and then my researcher in London sent me this latest news about what is happening with Mr Nadir.

On Wednesday 23rd November, Mr Nadir was photographed entering the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Mr Nadir faces 70 counts of of false accounting and theft which he has always denied. Allegedly Mr Nadir has qualified for legal aid.

Somewhat ironic when you consider how many pensioners here in North Cyprus are struggling to come up with the money to fight legal battles to hold on to the homes they have already bought and paid for. Homes that would never be subject to legal dispute in any civilised society. It is a cock eyed world, where the rich get help and the poor get ‘stitched up’

Talking of stitched up are Mr. Nadir’s trousers a little on the long side?

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