Mary Day found guilty of trusting the TRNC Judicial System

The fiasco continues. Mary Day presented herself at Girne District Court, well to be precise, the courtyard at 9.15 a.m. as advised by her Advocate. Three other supporters and myself sat with her. We waited for the Advocate to show up, and we waited and we waited. Eventually Mary was summoned to her Advocate’s office.

Did she make it into a court room? No. She was told that the case was adjourned, presumably by her Advocate. Did her Advocate make it into the court room, who knows? Was Mary given another date for the next court appearance? No.

From a conversation with Mary after she had seen her Advocate I gathered that the builder Recaioglu is now saying that the property is not worth the Contract price, and there is a likelihood he will be asking for rent from Geoff and Mary. Mary says she is being asked to produce a valuation of the property. Why would she need that, she is suing for Breach of Contract, so the all important figures are in the Contract price? If the builder has now decided he pitched the price too high, doesn’t that just prove what a greedy grasping man he is? A Contract was signed by both the vendor and the purchasers, it has stamp duty paid, it is a legally binding document, the purchasers allege the vendor has breached the Contract, why then would a valuation be necessary? The vendor to this day has not completed the property, therefore the late completion penalties are racking up. What rent would you put on an incomplete property? Of course since the builder has had the use of the purchaser’s money, what interest rate should they charge him, he surely would not expect to have the use of their money and receive rent? Clearly the whole scenario is a nonsense, or should be, but we have to remember, in the TRNC anything can happen and frequently does. Ask the Kulaksiz 5?

I cannot get my head round the fact that a court hearing took place, in Geoff and Mary’s absence and that the original Court Award was overturned. Now how is that possible? Surely Geoff and Mary’s Advocate should or would have been present? Why then wasn’t there an appeal made against the order to overturn the Court Award? Am I being too simplistic, maybe too logical?

How on earth was it possible for Recaioglu to appear to manipulate the legal system to his advantage? In effect it would seem that he is being allowed to persecute Geoff and Mary Day yet again, unless of course I am missing some very vital legal point. Is it possible?

As Mary says, after today’s debacle she feels as if she is being kept prisoner here, only in her case she still has her passport. She cannot leave because look what happened without their knowledge when they were not here before. Somehow Recaiouglu managed to get their court award overturned and now they are told they must start all over again. Mary realises they would love her to leave, but fears what shenanigans would take place if she did.

Clearly, Mary and Geoff’s troubles are far from over. The legal system that was used against Geoff seems set to do the same again. Geoff is far to ill to be here. This time the victim appears to be Mary. Is there any end to their suffering? Will they ever receive justice in the TRNC?

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