Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank TV Documentary Ready for Widespread Release

Make North Cyprus Better has commissioned a documentary telling the history and the full story of the Kulaksiz 5 victims. I have had a preview of this documentary and I can tell you that it is a very powerful and moving story and the producer is to be congratulated. The narration is by John Hughes-Wilson who has a wonderful dark brown voice, perfect for this documentary.

The interview with Bob and Jan French is excellent but for me the ‘stars’ of the show are Phil and Mike Watkins-Jones. Phil tells of her wedding and her life with Mike, Mike relates his history in the RAF and his military service in which he served his country with distinction winning a medal for his bravery. The choosing of these particular couples to centre the story around was inspired and the whole production is perfect. If you have dry eyes after viewing this, you haven’t got a heart.

I do not think Akfinans Bank or their legal team will be moved by it.

Others from MNCB and Hasan a member of the legal team also take part.

I do hope a copy is made available to NCFP for publication via Youtube.

Well done everyone involved.

Kibris Gazetesi article http://www.kibrisgazetesi.com/print.php?news=139333

O B Joyful

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