Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – Reminder of D-Day Interim Injunction Hearing

Just a polite reminder folks. Monday 6th June sees the Kulaksiz 5 back in Girne District Court for the continuance of the hearing adjourned on Thursday 26th May.

At the point the last hearing was adjourned, Richard Barclay was still in the witness box being cross examined by Mr Kurşat, Advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited, about MY Contract, which seemed somewhat odd as Mr Kurşat had gone to great lengths to have my Power of Attorney allowing Richard to answer question on my behalf removed from the pile of Powers of Attorney provided by all the resident victims.

The reason for the hearing is a request by the Kulaksiz 5 for an Interim Injunction to stop the Bank from selling our villas before the outcome of all cases we have lodged is known. In many countries this would not be necessary, but here it seems it is. Let us hope that if we are granted this Injunction, Akfinans Bank Limited will comply. Now if that seems a strange thing for me to write, just remember the picture of the Bank personnel breaking in through Eva McCluskey’s window.

Please remember that, contrary to the report in Cyprus Today, Richard Barclay was nominated by the members of K5 to give evidence on our behalf and not ‘singled out’ by the Bank as reported. I was not thrown out of the case as you could be forgiven for thinking in the style of the report in Cyprus Today. There was no incident in the court room as reported in Cyprus Today.

Monday 6th June 2011 marks the first anniversary of the Auction of the villas belonging to the members of Kulaksiz 5. We had planned for those of you who supported the K5 to meet at the ‘scene of the crime against humanity’ in Karşiyaka Square and observe two minutes silence. This will not now take place (are you reading this Mr Secret Service policeman) due to the hearing coinciding with the event.

I would hope that some reading this will support us in our ordeal on Monday and remind you the hearing is scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. As usual, if you do attend, please be peaceful, well behaved and discreet. This advice is not necessary for the supporters because they always behave well, it is for the non-supportive readers of this article who are looking to find evidence against me.

Armbands are optional. If you wish to say a silent prayer for us at 12.00 noon, I cannot believe the law prohibits this.

Never give in. Never give up.

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