Kulaksiz 5 Legal Fighting Fund boosted by Club Semina event

Yesterday was one of those days that just did not have enough hours in it. After hightailing over to Lefkoşa to meet with Hasan Sozmener, President of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association and the Bar Council and the Secretary General of the same august association, Feyzi Hansel, we then had to hightail it back to Girne and make our way to the benefit ‘do’ for the Kulaksiz 5 ‘Legal Fighting Fund’ at Club Semina in Karşiyaka.

I will briefly touch on the meeting at the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association and Bar Council (Kibris Turk Barolar Birligi) and confirm that Erol Ziya, Pembe Ibrahim and me, Pauline Read, attended this meeting as members of the Committee for the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. The meeting was very productive but I will not go into details here as it will be the subject of a Press Release. Suffice to say that we came away from this meeting very happy with the response we had from Messrs Sozmener and Hansel, and convinced that we are all on the same page.

Now on to the festivities: the attendance at Club Semina surpassed all our hope and expectations. The generosity of those who contributed prizes for the raffle was overwhelming and I take this opportunity to thank Ada Hotel, Ayse, Raune, Blue Door, Laconic, Roma, Rita Rose, Pete and Pauline, The Cabin, Hillside Restaurant, Nutton, The Punjab, Ron and Barb, Joan Dartnell and if I have missed anyone out, please forgive me, K5 are truly grateful to you all. Many prizes were donated by members of K5 themselves including a pair of Doc Marten boots and some items of underwear which you see displayed in the accompanying photos being modelled by the delighted winner.

The set meal was well-presented and delicious. The variety of starters almost spoilt me for the main course (only almost) but I just did not have room for the sweet. Club Semina did a great job with the food and also kindly donated 5 TL from every set meal purchased and judging from the number of people eating, they did a roaring trade. Thank you Club Semina, you excelled yourselves.

Irish Bingo; you will recall I kept this a closely guarded secret. I can now tell you. You buy a bingo card, everyone with a card stands up, the caller shouts the numbers and if one of your numbers is called, you sit down. The last person standing is the winner. No, I did not win. There were two games and the prize money for the winners was a healthy 200 TL, not to be sniffed at. However the second game ended with the last two standing deciding to share the winnings, 100 TL each.

The entertainment was excellent. Billy Strand, what a voice, was fabulous. Billy is the son-in-law of two of the K5 victims, Margaret and Brian Freeman being married to their lovely daughter Gill. Margaret and Brian’s other lovely daughter Michelle was also at the Club Semina. Billy is on the photos, as is Margaret; where were you hiding Brian?

There was a comedian/compere who told some jokes I didn’t really understand because they were a little rude, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Stephen Noon, known as ‘Noony,’ comedian/impressionist had us falling off our chairs with laughter. His impression of Daffyd from Little Britain (the only gay in the village) was hysterical with lots of audience participation. Chubby Brown was the next to get the ‘Noony’ treatment followed by Tony Forini. Whilst I know who Daffyd and Chubby Brown are, I have to confess I have no idea who Tony Forini is, that did not however stop it from being extremely funny.

Next came the drawing of the raffle tickets and both Noony and Billy gave a very funny running commentary of the draw ably assisted by Marion from the K5 group. There were many happy winners; amongst them a young lady from our table who really wanted the Doc Martens and indeed did get them. I can only marvel at the generosity of the people who attended, some returned their prizes and in true Noony and Billy fashion, they were auctioned off raising more money for the K5 fund. The little black numbers modelled in the photo by the winner was donated to the auction and fetched another amazing 100 TL

There was everything in the mix, singing, comedy, dancing, good food and our own Gerry (Gerard) from the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group entertained us with some songs too. Gerry is there to support K5 after every court hearing as indeed are so many other residents and we thank them all.

The evening proved beyond any doubt that there are people who care, people who are disgusted with the situation in the property market. People willing to put their hands in their pockets and help those suffering the indignity of having their homes stolen from them.

Without the family and friends of the Brian and Margaret, holiday makers from the wonderful City of Liverpool, last night would not have happened. They provided the impetus, the entertainment and above all the enthusiasm need to stage such an event. I have no doubt that their threat never to return to North Cyprus if the K5 lose their properties is very real, but how sad if that happens, not just for K5, but for these wonderful people who bring so much to the TRNC, but most importantly to the TRNC economy. Be sure, there are others who feel exactly the same way.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making last nights ‘do’ such a resounding success, not least of all those of you who attended. We do not have the final tally of exactly how much was made for the K5 Legal Fighting Fund, but I will let you know when this information becomes available.

TRNC Government, can you really afford to let this happen?

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