Kulaksiz 5 District Court Hearing – plaintifs go there and back to see how far it was

On a rainy cloudy morning we made our way to Girne District Court for yet another Hearing. We had to do a slight detour which delayed us a little due to storm damage but arrived well in time.
In time for what? You may well ask. Together we waited outside the courtroom of Judge Talat Usar.  There were 6 other members of Kulaksiz 5 present.  We got into a huddle with our Advocate only to learn he already had the date for the next hearing.  Why? Well on this occasion it seems we asked for more time to prepare our  ‘conditions of claim’.   Our Advocate apparently asked for this adjournment because he is very mindful of the fact that if we do not submit absolutely all our claims in this initial process, there is no opportunity once the hearing is under way to add any conditions that may have been omitted.  Are you baffled as to why after all this time the conditions were not ready? Me too.
It would seem that the other side already knew of this as there was no sign of Akan Kursat or any of his underlings. The next hearing date is Thursday 9th February 2012.
I read with interest that a former district court judge was promoted to the office of a High Court Judge in a ceremony at the Presidency.  Judge Mehmet Turker, the judge in question, is known to me as one of the three judges to take part in my Breach of Contract Action.  Judge Turker is also well known to Kulaksiz 5 as the Judge who gave the Repossession Order to Akfinans Bank Limited on the 8th November 2008.  At that time Judge Turker allegedly changed the interest rate on the loan to 80% per quarter compound. It is alleged that the initial interest rate was 250% but can someone explain how the changed rate constituted any real change?
Kulaksiz 5 are still awaiting their date for the Appeal against the decision denying them an Interim Injunction.  It will be interesting to see who the three High Court Judges will be once the date is given?
Never give in never give up.
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